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In 2016, Wacky Creative celebrated its 21st birthday.

We thought it would be great to commemorate this occasion and the many years of amazing moments on events, and off, with a celebratory book that captures some of these.

In 2016 a call went out for stories to be submitted. We won’t lie… this book had meant to be ready for that coming Christmas… but we hit a few speed bumps along the way. Pushed on we did and we are delighted to announce it was presented to The Captain, Nic Yates, in October 2018.

Though a bigger thank you exists within, we’d like to thank everyone that has been part of this amazing, wacky, journey and especially those that were able to be a part of immortalising some of these shared moments into this book. For without you all, the journey wouldn’t have been as fun, as enjoyable, as absolutely rock your socks off amazing… and as wacky… as it has been.

We hope you enjoy this book and the tales told by fellow creatives, friends and family.

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