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Laser Cirque

Featuring the amazing Laser Harp, we now offer a range of shows from an elegant solo performance of Pachelbel’s Canon (Laser Cirque) through to a spectacular rhythmic performance featuring 3 drummers with LED drum sticks and 3 Harps (Laser Stix). Each time the performer cuts a laser beam, the harp plays a note, sound effect or just about any sample assigned to the beam. The Laser Harp has featured in the launch of the Mazda BT 50 with a performer cutting the beams to change songs on a car radio and conference opening entertainment with beams welcoming delegates in many languages. The Laser Harp can also be used to trigger visual images completely surrounding the audience in the experience.

The possibilities are virtually endless and can be tailored to suit your requirements so please call our office to discuss how we can make your ideas a laser reality.