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3 Creative Tips from Nic

I have one of those minds that tends to always be in overdrive – and believe me, not every idea is gold. Along the way I’ve been able to work with a great team to bring some of the good ideas to life. People sometimes ask where in my mind I pulled a cockatoo on a scooter, a walking Coat of Arms or a Tuba-playing giant knife from. It’s hard to explain, but I’ve given it a go.

Three tips for getting creative:

1. Change it up

Struggling to be creative? Try changing your environment – go to a café, a busy place or somewhere there is stimulation.

2. Surf the internet

You don’t want to copy other people’s ideas, but take a look at art, fashion, videos and photos you love – what do you love about them? Can you apply that to your creative problem?

3. Pretend you’re writing just for you

Are you feeling self-conscious about your ideas? Or shooting them down before you’ve even said them out loud? Pretend you’re writing down ideas just for you or a trusted friend. You’ll be surprised what comes out…

4. Stand up, stand out

Stand out from your competitors. I know I said there were only three but hey, we’re Wacky, on a roll! If you have competitors, what sets you apart from them? Write down your differences as they are great selling points, and launch-pads for creativity. If you can’t list them, then work them out quick smart as your competitors probably have.

All the best for a fantastic 2016 – I’m looking forward to seeing you kicking goals.


By Wacky Creative