Wacky Creative

We take fun seriously

About Us

Since 1995, we have devised and produced creative ideas, perfectly themed entertainment, and mobilized our extensive team of amazing interactive performers at over 10,000+ events worldwide.

When you work with Wacky Creative, you get our experience, expertise and integrity.  As a bonus you’ll get lots of laughs along the way. Probably a decent coffee too. As long as Nic or Col make it. Avoid Luke.

With over 20 years experience, we’ve become experts in many fields. A week at Wacky can see us energise delegates of an international conference, create excitement at a store opening, entertain 100,000 people at a major sporting event and deliver a festival experience that people will talk about for years. We call it wearing many hats!

As performers, comedians, writers, producers and problem solvers we know how to engage an audience and bring events to life.

We take fun seriously!


We started small as a group of self managed performers. Clients enjoyed that they could plan their event entertainment directly with the people who would perform on the stage. It’s thanks to a large group of loyal clients that we were able to perform full time from the early days.

Like many start-ups, there were initial challenges…such as Col’s constant flow of ideas. He still believes there’s a market for his inflatable umbrella!


  • We wear many hats. As performers, comedians, writers, problem solvers, producers and creatives
  • We create great entertainment concepts for events
  • We are experts at engaging and entertaining audiences of all ages, types and nationalities
  • We change the atmosphere of an event and bring events to life
  • We have an understanding from a performers perspective of what works
  • We are multiskilled offering you great value and expertise


  • Corporate Events – MC, Gala Dinners, Awards nights, Celebrations, team building, feature acts, laser shows, family days, training and facilitation
  • Retail Events – openings, product launches, customer engagement, experiences, roadshows, promotions
  • Conferences – roadshows, social events, MC, energisers, team building, expos
  • Public Events – Celebrations, festivals, parades, major events, activations


Check out our clients, many who have been with us since the very start. We work directly with companies, organisations and the best event groups worldwide.

Although events start and finish, our client relationships don’t. We’re here to provide entertainment solutions and show you the value Wacky Creative can bring to an event. Now it’s your turn!