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How to make 2016 your best Easter yet!

Easter is one of our favourite times of year. We perform once again at the Good Friday Appeal Kids Day Out, where everyone’s in a fabulous mood, and we hop into lots of retail spaces, conferences and events to spread the joy (and the chocolate, let’s not forget the chocolate).

Here are our five tips to make Easter 2016 your best Easter yet!

1. Subdue the queue!

Come holiday time there are plenty of eager bunnies around, and sometimes they just have to wait. A little music from some good eggs will bring the mood up.

2. Say it with chocolate

Whether you’re at a conference, walking down the street, in a shopping centre or at an event, there’s nothing better than free chocolate. Except free chocolate delivered with a hug by a gigantic Easter bunny.

3. Surprise them

Sometimes the best moments are the most unexpected. Is your food court packed with tired shoppers? Your conference waning at 3pm with sleepy attendees? Talk to us about the kind of surprise that will wake them up and have them talking.

4. Fire up the dance floor

We’ve done some spectacular, large-scale events, but hands-down some of our most touching moments have been when a couple takes to the dance floor when we start those first bars of ‘cheek to cheek’. We’ve been roaming around playing our drums, sax and tuba for a long time now – and we’re pretty used to doing it dressed as giant Easter eggs. (It’s a strange but enjoyable life.) We’ve got a huge repertoire and can read a crowd and get the place hopping in no time.

5. Don’t forget your team

Whether you’ve got a team of five or 5,000 we’ve got great team building and entertainment ideas to reward your team and give them a fantastic experience. We think the team that laughs together stays together… at least it’s done us well for the last 20 years.

Check out our Easter acts.

By Wacky Creative