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Travelling the world with Citibank

We’ve been working with an incentive event company in Singapore to entertain staff of Citibank Asia at incentive events for over 15 years now. The events are held as a reward for staff whose performance is in the top 1% of all staff in 12 countries across Asia. We’ve been to Athens, Istanbul, Okinawa, Osaka, Auckland, Hanoi and Prague to name a few – and we’re off to Hanoi and Budapest in 2016.

The attendees have a great time whilst juggling the challenges of different languages, foods and cultures. We stay with the delegates for three – four days, so we get to know them well.

Whilst the delegates have different backgrounds and often speak different languages, we find that the right entertainment can help to bring audiences together, relax and enjoy themselves. A shared laugh is a great way to get everyone on the same page.

We provide entertainment from the moment the delegates step off the plane, until the conference finishes. Throughout the conference, we work with local entertainers and also add to our entertainment program on the fly to ensure attendees have the best experience possible.

Sometimes it’s the small unplanned performances that are the most memorable – whenever delegates are waiting, in transit or there is an opportunity to make ‘dead time’ a fun experience, we think of something to do. Whilst we’re entertaining we can also provide directions, hand out collateral, move crowds, do small team-building activities and more. In addition to entertainment spots, we MC the opening night dinner and conference and business sessions, and the Gala Dinner and awards (where we study to correctly pronounce the names of 250 delegates from 12 Asian countries – a fun challenge).

It’s always such a buzz attending the conferences – we’ve made great friends along the way, as have the delegates. Our client has said we’re the fabric that pulls the whole event together. We’re looking forward to what the 2016 events will bring, and have some great ideas up our sleeves.

If you’re planning a conference, feel free to give us a call to see how we can contribute – perhaps that awkward registration time can be invigorated with a bit of music, or the 3pm slump can be cured with some humour. We’re always keen to create something unique for you.

By Wacky Creative