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Ale Capones @ GABS 2017 – Melbourne

Wow! What a weekend!! The Ale Capones are in Monday recovery mode today nursing their ALEments. Fair enough too. Melbourne GABS was a record breaker this year with still larger crowds attending. That meant more new songs and energy from our team.

This year saw us perform on the brand new Little Creatures Live stage in our final set of each session. We felt a little dwarfed by the enormous stage and giant room so we drafted in another experienced Wacky Creative stalwart, the very talented, beautiful and effervescent Michelle Berner to sing through our 30 minute power tunes medley.

It was a great idea that really came to fruition in the final number, the ubiquitous Bohemian Rhapsody, as the 3000 + strong crowd sang along at the tops of their voices.

The Ale Capones Mosh Pit

The stage spot came after 2 hours of roving in and amongst the crowd creating impromptu concerts featuring sing-a-longs and dance breaks. Many of the older crowd watched in amazement as the ‘Millennials’ sang along, smashing out unison, word perfect renditions of our old classics like ‘Come On Eileen'(Dexies Midnight Runners), ‘Take On Me’ (AHA) and Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ (Bonnie Tyler). How do they know this stuff??

After a bed, a cup of tea and a long lie down we’ll be back to do it all again in Sydney next week. Then on to Auckland in June to fire up those beer loving Kiwis.

If you saw us at GABS2017 and enjoyed the show, let us know! You can send us a message here or go to our Facebook Page. 

[All photography by the exceptional Anthony McKee.]

The Huge GABS2017 crowd arrives.

The ‘Little Creatures Live’ Main Stage.

Greg Spence – Director of the Trumpet Department.

By Wacky Creative