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Melbourne Awards

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Melbourne hits the big screen!

The Melbourne Awards are the city’s highest accolade, celebrating the inspirational Melburnians who dedicate their time and energy for the benefit of the city.

Nic and Col were invited to MC the judges briefing luncheon and ‘get them excited about the event’. Always looking for a Wacky way to entertain we came up with the idea of filming a short video with the theme “Not as good as Melbourne”. This involved filming short clips at several iconic locations throughout Australia and overseas including Canberra, Darwin, India, Istanbul and Dubai.

Ok…so the City of Melbourne couldn’t (wouldn’t!!!) fund our 5 star international itinerary so it was lucky that we just happened to be travelling to these places for other events in the lead up. Armed with just an iphone and a smile encouraging complete strangers to film us we set off around the globe. The result, the audience laughed in the right places and we helped them get excited about being part of the event celebrating fabulous Melburnians.

During the lunch, guests were asked to write down what they thought made Melbourne special. Nic and Col moved around interviewing guests with some of their answers having the whole audience in stitches!