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Adelaide Cabaret Festival

Artistic Director Kate Ceberano invited Wacky to the Adelaide Cabaret Festival

…and didn’t we have a ball!

After working with Kate at various events over many years we found ourselves invited to the Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

Following involvement in a TV advertisement, we headed over in 2012 for an action packed weekend involving roving shows around the theatres, a regular stage show in the piano bar and finally our own 45 minute show on the main stage.

Such was our response from the public, after returning home to Melbourne, the Adelaide Cabaret Festival asked us to fly back to Adelaide to spice up the final weekend! This also involved a live cross for local TV as well as an extended show. We somehow even pulled out Flipperdance! It went off like a… frog-man in a sock!

Click to view footage of Four Chairs at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2012.