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Melbourne Cup Parade

Perfect Parade Entertainment

For over 10 years Wacky Creative have worked with the Victoria Racing Club to produce themed entertainment for the Melbourne Cup Parade. Our range of racing costumes, flamboyant performers and good form on the parade track makes Wacky a sure bet.

Roving musicians, stilt performers and Wacky concepts are all part of the mix that bring the parade to life. The Melbourne Cup Parade can be a challenging event dealing with horses, weather, challenging logistics and the occasional mob of protestors! Wacky Creative work directly with the VRC and the event company to tailor our acts to the constantly evolving requirements of the parade.

In 2014, we introduced a number of new concepts. DJ Walker, our self contained portable DJ act was a hit at the Flinders and Swanston St intersection with the crowd loving our disco grooves. Our cruiser bikes rode up and down the parade route distributing giveaways and engaging with the crowd before hitching on trailers featuring large posters of famous Melbourne Cup Winners and joining the parade. When 50 dancers in period racing costumes needed mobile audio, we created a large remote controlled PA that amazed both participants and the crowd alike as it magically moved ahead of the dancers down the parade route.

So if you see a saxophone player in a jockey silk riding a large stuffed horse down Swanston St in early November, give us a wave!

*Photos thanks to Vicki Jones
*Event produced by Peter Jones Special Events