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Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

Clever themed entertainment

Making food an entertainment experience

As a signature event on Melbourne’s event calendar, the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival takes the cake. With events occurring throughout Victoria, Wacky Creative have provided entertainment to many Longest Lunch and official festival events.

Our large range of food themed acts are very popular and guests love nothing better than joining a singalong after a plate of beautiful food and a ‘few’ glasses of wine.

At the recent 21st Anniversary celebration of the festival Wacky Creative worked alongside Peter Jones Special Events to creative interactive entertainment throughout Melbourne’s public spaces.

Families joined our musical chefs playing on our kitchen sink band, people brought along their favourite recipes to share and children painted wooden spoons and added them to a truss structure of pots and pans creating an impressive structure. Roving entertainers juggling and distributing fruit met people at Flinders Street station and Giant Chefs , eclectic mime artists and food themed acts added a touch of theatre to the event.

The first weekend was quite wet but that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm as our musical skin divers Skin Dive Jive were on hand to save the day!