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Ale Capones

Referred to as the GABS Festival House Band, the Ale Capones have become perennial favourites of the event. With a huge repertoire of sing-a-longs, and the ability to whip a crowd of 1000+ punters into a frothy frenzy, they are the best roving beer festival band in the world! (…and that’s not just the beer talking!)

“When the #alecapones do a melody [medley]  in your area of the festival of 500 Miles, Sweet Caroline, Wonderwall, Take on Me, come on eileen, total eclipse of the heart, bohemian rhapsody…#omfg #singalong, #sogood #beerfestival #gabs2017 @gabsfestival #saturdaynight out”

The Ale Capones are in demand for weddings, festivals and anywhere sipping, singing and a good time are required so what stopping you?

“These guys were absolutely amazing! Definitely one of the highlights of each session was seeing everyone join in #gabs2016 #Sydney #napoleone #beer #cider #marchingband”

Check out what we do in the videos below and gallery images.

These guys even have their own Facebook Page and Instagram. @alecapones #alecapones


Fan of the Ale Capones? Want some merch? Click here to check out a small selection available.


 GABS Festival Highlights
GABS 2016 – “With or Without You”

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Sing along! #gabs2016

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GABS 2016 – “Bohemian Rhapsody”
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