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Anti Gravity Circus

Anti Gravity Circus’ is the combination of two of Australia’s finest street theatre-circus performers. These two eccentric chaps attempt to defy gravity in a variety of ways, from riding unicycles short & tall to walking a slack rope. They juggle a variety of objects from 5 balls each to 7 clubs between them. They also juggle tennis racquets & very large knives. Object balancing is another of their skills, where they attempt to out do each other by balancing anything from an egg atop a chopstick to full size bicycles on their heads.

Magic, plate and ball spinning, stilt walking and fire are just a few of the other skills at their disposal. Anti Gravity is a versatile ensemble who are extremely audience interactive. They are completely at home at a range of events from Corporate functions to Community festivals & Shopping Centres. Anti Gravity Circus can perform as a Feature SHOW or as a ROVING performance.