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Body Painting, Human Statues, Live Logos

Make a striking impression at your next event with body painting, human statues and live logos. As well as creating a fabulous impression, they will reinforce your theme in a most unique and engaging way. Our performers can assist with guest movement and provide excellent photo opportunities.

Themes available include;

  • Toucans
  • Zebras
  • Animals & Wildlife
  • Aquatic and Beach
  • Art & SurrealismBush & Jungle
  • Fantasy & Fringe
  • Fauna & Floral
  • Human Statues
  • Raceday
  • Superheroes & Celebrities
  • Space & Sci-Fi

Or bring your brand to life with Brand the Bod and have our models wrapped in your logo and brand colours.

Check out some footage of one of out recent creations below: