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Spotlight Malaysia Grand Opening

Spotlight Malaysia and Melbourne’s Wacky Creative…

the perfect combination.

Wacky Creative have worked with the Spotlight Retail Group for nearly 10 years and when they recently invited us to be part of the Spotlight Malaysia Grand Opening we were the first aboard the plane!

Wacky are a part of the fabric (pardon the pun!) when it comes to Spotlight store openings and special celebrations. Having performed throughout Australia and New Zealand at numerous exciting store openings, Wacky accompanied the marketing team to Kuala Lumpur for their Asian expansion in 2014 and 2015.

Huge queues of excited customers met us at each opening and Wacky, in oursignature sequin jackets and Aussie Flag suits, kept them entertained connecting with customers and building rapport with the Spotlight brand.

With many more openings expected in the next few years we can’t wait to get back to Malaysia.