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BUPA Healthy Cities Campaign Launch

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Bupa recently launched their Healthy Cities program to their team members throughout Australia and New Zealand. BUPA has challenged their team members, family and friends to take at least 6000 steps per day with the aim of 1 Billion Steps in 30 days. This will unlock up to $1m of investment that will restore our precious and valuable environment in Australia and New Zealand through the creation of Tiny Forests, regeneration of wetlands, planting of native seeds, and more; all of which make for a healthier planet bringing health benefits for nearby communities.

The initiative encourages people to adopt healthy, long term habit in their day to day lived with a reward and incentive of preserving and regenerating green spaces. By completing activities and challenges set via the Healthy Cities app, participants can unlock investment from BUPA into the restoration of the environment in urban areas including tree planting to help with reforestation and creating new urban forests. The program has been implemented successfully already across parts of Europe and Latin America and is now being expanded across further territories including Australia, New Zealand, UK and Hong Kong. 

What we did!

Working alongside the BUPA events and Corporate Affairs team we created and produced an interactive entertainment concept that would kick the launch off with a bang and include a few Wacky surprises. This included a pre event ‘office raid’ by our 80s dance crew revving team members up and getting them excited about the campaign a feature performance at the official launch. 

The custom designed concept was delivered to over 200 people in Melbourne and live streamed to offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Auckland with an aim of connecting team members and getting them involved in the launch. The performance included an audience warm up with live crosses to each remote location followed by a dance feature featuring the BUPA leadership team followed by a surprise encore where the whole audience joined in. 

Complete with 80s themed costumes, vibey music and a BUPA team willing to get involved and have some fun the event was an outstanding success.