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Coles ‘Down Down’ Campaign

The Coles ‘Down Down’ campaign is a long-standing marketing strategy in Australia aimed at promoting lower prices on a range of essential grocery items. Using a catchy jingle and visual cues, Coles communicates a commitment to consistently offering reduced prices on everyday products. The campaign covers various communication channels, including TV, online, and in-store promotions, and is part of the competitive landscape in the Australian supermarket industry. The objective is to attract and retain customers by positioning Coles as a cost-effective option in the market.

What we did!

We were commissioned to produce and updated the life size professional mascot of the Coles ‘Down Down’ hand as part of their relaunch of the 2023 Down Down campaign. Our objective was to preserve the distinctive Coles brand attributes, leading to the development of a fully enclosed hand mascot, complemented by open-face versions for performers to interact with the audience.

The updated ‘Down Down’ hand featured in nationwide TV commercials, print and social media. 

Wacky Creative not only delivered the revamped mascot but also supplied talent and management for mascot and flashmob performances during TV appearances and at various Coles store locations.